Unlike our competitors we don't surprise you with extra Fee's or Charges. Your Pets Grooming Service covers everything your pet needs at one low price. Keeping You and your Pet Happy and Styling all year long!

Our Prices

Full Grooming

Tiny Dogs (under 5lbs) - $25 - $35

Small Dogs - $40 - $45

Medium Dogs - $50 - $55

Large Dogs - $65 - $80

XL Dogs - $85& up

Bath w/ Blow Dry, Brush Out, Hair Cut, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim w/ Nail Buffing and Tooth Brushing. Scented Sprays, Bows or Bandanna optional.

(Anal Glands Upon Request)

Touch Up Grooming

Tiny Dogs (under 5lbs) - $20

Small Dogs - $25

Medium Dogs - $30 - $40

Large Dogs - $45 - $55

XL Dogs - $65& up

Our Feet, Face and Sani Trim is perfect if you just want your pup to get a touch up without getting a full body hair cut. Includes Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim w/ Nail Buffing and Tooth Brushing. Scented Sprays, Bows or Bandanna optional. 

(Anal Glands Upon Request)

Bath & Brush

Tiny Dogs (under 5lbs) - $15

Small Dogs - $20

Medium Dogs - $25 - $30

Large Dogs - $35 - $40

XL Dogs - $50& up

Bath with your choice of shampoo, Blow dry or towel dry, ear cleaning and nail trim w/ Nail buffing and tooth brushing. Scented Sprays, Bows or Bandanna optional. (Anal Glands Upon Request)

Puppy Grooming


Our Puppy Grooming includes a soothing warm bath with a Natural Puppy Shampoo, Towel dry with a gentle blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and tooth brushing. Light Feet, Face and Sani Trimming. Everything to get your new Family member use to Grooming.

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Guinea Pig Grooming!


Yes You read that right! We offer Grooming For Guinea Pigs! This package includes a Light Trimming, with Ear Cleaning and Nail Clipping.

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Get Creative!

Try Our Creative Fun Grooming today!

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Spa Upgrades

Mud Bath Treatment

Used as a conditioning treatment to hydrate & soothe your pets skin, Usually recommended for dogs with sensitive skin such as Bull dogs,  Pugs, Boxers & Pitbull breeds, - $10 additional

De-Shedding Treatments

Helps loosen undercoat, recommended for Huskies & German Shepherds. Will need to be done every 6 weeks to be effective. - Pricing based on size of pet.

Deodorizing Treatment

Recommended if your pup has been playing with skunks, Although they are cute they can be very stinky! This treatment can also be used if your pup is just a little extra stinky. - $10 additional

Salon Policies

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Late Policy

  • Please be on time for your Appointment, as our schedule is disrupted when a client is late.
  • If you are more then 15 minutes late with out a courtesy call you will be marked as a No-Show.


  • A Courtesy Call would be appreciated if you are unable to keep your scheduled Appointment.
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Pregnant Dog's

  • Our policy is to groom until two weeks of due date as long as the dog is used to grooming. Any pregnant dog showing stress at any point of pregnancy will be sent home.
  • Please inform groomer of pregnancy prior to booking an appointment. 

Staying with Pet

We welcome ALL owners to stay with their while they are being groomed. However pets react to the grooming process differently while you are in their presence. They are more difficult to groom because they get excited. Making the grooming process 2 - 3 times longer & putting more stress on the groomer. You might get charged an additional fee because of the difficulty & extra amount of time.

Arrive Time

We want ALL of the pets we groom to leave the salon Happy & Stress Free, Grooming time is different depending on each pet & their needs. We ask that you please not rush our process or show up before you are called. Thank you.