Desired Styles Salon Policies 

Pick Up/ Drop Off: The first grooming service appointment with Desired Styles requires the primary owner / pet parent to attend the first initial service consultation in person. After the first visit (the primary owner / pet parent) must also attend an in-person grooming consultation regarding any future changes or requests to the pets' services or styling. Beyond the above circumstances, for routine “same as usual” services for established clients. If an authorized person over the age of 18 is to pick-up your pet, They must be provided with payment for all services performed. If a pet is dropped off 30 minutes (or more) before the scheduled appointment time, there may be a Kenneling Fee of $10.

Kenneling / After Hours Fee: We give our clients ONE hour to pick up pets after they receive a text or phone call that their pet is done. If, after that hour, the pet still has not been picked up we do charge a Kenneling Fee of $10 dollars an hour per pet. Clients are asked that they keep cell phone ringers on and spam blockers off during services for this reason and in case of emergency. We also ask that if you are the groomers last appointment of the day, Pet's be picked up promptly before closing or they will be subjected to *after hours fee’s. If a pet isn’t picked up by closing time, Desired Styles will have to board my pets unattended for the remainder of the night. If the pet is not picked up by the following morning pets shall be taken to a nearby boarding or shelter (at owners’ expense)

Cancellation/ No-Show: We ask that a 24-hour notice is needed to cancel or change an appointment time. If no notice is given, a $25 fee will be charged to a card on file. If two appointments are missed without giving notice, clients may then be required to pre-pay prior to scheduling any future appointments. Clients are given a 15-minute grace period after my appointment time . If I do not arrive within 15 minutes, we do charged a No-Show Fee that is not refundable and will have to be rescheduled.

Pricing Discloser: All prices are subject to groomer/salon discretion, may vary from each visit. Starting price quotes are based off pets' weight. Additional fees may apply depending on my pet's behavior, coat condition, and/or special handling.  Price may change from time to time depending on how often they are brought in and how well owners maintain at home. If a pet continuously comes in matted pricing may increase. Pending the above and unforeseen situations, the full price cannot be determined until the service is completed.

Aggression: If a pet shows signs of aggression to any Groomer or other pets in the salon that pet will be sent home.

Flea/Tick/Parasites: If any external parasites such as fleas and/or ticks are found, We half to treat this issue at an additional charge. Even strictly indoor pets are at risk of catching fleas and/or ticks. If a pet has parasites such as tapeworms, they will be sent home. 

Health: Grooming can be stressful to some pets, we ask that we be informed if a pet has any heart conditions or any stress related issues prior to grooming. It is necessary to have ALL pets up to date on all vaccinations prior to every visit. 

Puppies: Desired Styles requires puppies to have their first two sets of puppy shots before their first visit. We also recommend puppies to start acclimating to the pet salon at 8-12 weeks old, (during the critical impressionable window of development), they must be trained and experience the process on a frequent basis to create a comfortable familiarity to grooming. This will ultimately create a safe experience for them, as they see that their family returned promptly when they were finished, and that it did not hurt them. When the grooming process is irregular, pets can be prone to behavioral issues for grooming, can experience an uncomfortably long grooming process because the service becomes an overhaul project versus a normal trim/clean-up, and it can be very painful to remove impacted coat, tangles and matting. Therefore, we recommend a “Puppy Trim” for the first few visits. 

Senior Pets: Grooming can be very stressful especially on older pets. If we determine that continuing the grooming service would present a threat to your dogs emotional or physical health, and /or the safety of groomer, we will discontinue his/her service. Older pets may have a hard time standing sometimes. If my pet cannot stand for long periods of time, the groomer will do what they can. 


Coat Condition / Matted Pets: We at Desired Styles put all pet’s comfort above all else. In the event that a pet’s coat is matted, Your groomer will have to shave the mats out rather than perform a painful de-matting procedure. Matting can hide pre-existing conditions and will be revealed after being shaved. If a pet is severely matted, there is an increased risk for clipper burn, nicks, or redness to occur. All attempts will be made to prevent this, however in many extreme matting conditions, it is unavoidable. Matted pets also take additional time to groom so there is an additional fee added onto the regular grooming price if a pet’s coat is matted. 

Double Coated Pets: We DO NOT recommend to shave double coated pets. Shaving them down can cause sunburns, overheating, and there is a possibility the hair may not grow back at all. I understand it is better recommended to bring them in regularly for baths and de-sheds. 

Pregnant/ Nursing/ or In Heat: If a pet is pregnant, she will not be accepted if she is within two weeks of giving birth. If my pet is nursing, she will not be seen until she is no longer nursing. If my pet is in heat at the time of her appointment she will need to be rescheduled. Being in heat can affect her as well as other pets' behavior in the salon leading to extra stress on pets and staff.

Sedation: Grooming can be stressful to some pets, We ask that we be informed if a pet has taken any medication for sedation. Desired Styles does NOT accept pets who have been sedated whatsoever. If pet has been given anything for sedation or shows signs of sedation pets' appointment will have to be rescheduled for a later date no exceptions. Sedating a pet may lead to a stressful and scary grooming experience. If a pet is truly uncooperative or made uncomfortable by the process, We will end their grooming session and refer them to a vet for future grooming.

At Home Maintenance / Pre-Booking: Grooming is a big commitment and is the responsibility of the pet owner. We recommend pre-booking at each appointment for the next, in order to get in on time for your pet’s grooming schedule. Full-service grooming's are strongly advised every 4 to 6 weeks for Doodle & Curly Coated Breeds. When the grooming process is irregular, pets can be prone to behavioral issues for grooming, can experience an uncomfortably long grooming process because the service becomes an overhaul project versus a normal trim/clean-up, and it can be very painful to remove impacted coat, tangles and matting. Pet Parents should have a realistic lifestyle obligation of pet care. And should consult with a Desired Styles team member on proper grooming maintenance and/or services needed, before the first grooming appointment.

Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is very important. If you are unhappy for any reason with your groom, you may contact us within 48 hours, and we will schedule a time for you to come back for an adjustment within the same week at no cost to you. 

Booking / Late Policy / Cancellations

  • We are by Appointment Only

  • A credit card is required to hold ALL Appointments.

  • Please be on time for your Appointment, as our schedule is disrupted when a client is late.
  • If you are more then 15 minutes late with out a courtesy call you will be marked as a No-Show.
  • You must cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment time to avoid a no show/late cancellation fee


We believe in a Stress-Free environment. Therefore we Do Not accept pets who have been sedated. We believe sedating your pet makes for a stressful and scary experience for your dog. If your dog has been known to have a strong behavioral reaction to grooming or bathing, please advise us when making the appointment and when dropping pet off. If a pet is truly uncooperative or made uncomfortable by the process, we might end their grooming session and refer them to a vet.

Pregnant Dog's

• Our policy is to groom until two weeks of due date as long as the dog is used to grooming. Any pregnant dog showing stress at any point of pregnancy will be sent home.

• Please inform groomer of pregnancy prior to booking an appointment.

Staying with Pet

We welcome ALL owners to stay with their while they are being groomed. However pets react to the grooming process differently while you are in their presence. They are more difficult to groom because they get excited. Making the grooming process 2 - 3 times longer & putting more stress on the groomer. You might get charged an additional fee because of the difficulty & extra amount of time.

Arrive Time

We want ALL of the pets we groom to leave the salon Happy & Stress Free, Grooming time is different depending on each pet & their needs. We ask that you please not rush our process or show up before you are called. Thank you.