Desired Styles Creative Grooming Requirements

Your pet's Creative Color Experience is a unique Spa Package available in addition to any Grooming Service. We want every Grooming Appointment to be an enjoyable, positive and successful event for you and your pet and are happy to introduce you to the exciting world of Creative Pet Grooming.

Our Creative Colors are OPAWZ brand and are 100% Natural, Non- Toxic, semi-permanent, and Pet-Friendly! They do not contain or require harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, or bleach and are PPD-free. Our Colors are non-damaging and contains nurturing formulas that are gentle and restorative to hair. Our commitment is to your pet's health, happiness, and safety and as with all our products; we use only the highest-quality dyes.

ALL PETS who have not been groomed by Desired Styles in the last 3-6 months must complete 1 standard Grooming Appointment before scheduling a Color Service. This standard Grooming Appointment doubles as an evaluation of your pets Coat, Skin, Temperament and Grooming Etiquette. The ideal Pet for any Coloring Service is in Good Health, is experienced in being handled by Professional Groomers, is Well-Socialized, and Enjoys Attention.

Creative Grooming is meant to be FUN and ENJOYABLE for you and your pet. Some pets may not be ideal candidates for Creative Grooming right away and require practice with standard Grooming. For this reason, we CANNOT offer this service to: 

⦁ Puppies under 6 months of age.

⦁ Aggressive Pets

⦁ Pets who CANNOT or WILL NOT stand for extended periods of time.

⦁ Pets with Matted or Tangled coats requiring close shaving or De-Matting.

⦁ Pets with Fleas, Ticks, Open Wounds, Sores, Infections or other skin conditions.

⦁ Pets with known SKIN SENSITIVITIES including allergic reaction to pet shampoos, dandruff (flaky skin), hair loss (bald patches), or other skin issues.