Hello my name is Desirae and I am the Owner of Desired Styles!

 Here at Desired Styles we want you to know who you're trusting your Fur Babies with.  Ever since I was a little girl I always had a love and passion for animals, After going through schooling to become a Vet Assistant I moved up to Washington where my Aunt had her own grooming business. I worked along side her getting more and more experienced. After just a few months I realized what my true calling was, I wanted to be a Pet Stylist. I moved back to California to pursue my dream and continued my training with PetSmart. After working with some of the most talented and creative people I decided to further my career in the Grooming industry and became a Grooming Salon Manager at Petco, where I also became a Mentor for our district.  After helping the business grow and training other very successful Pet Stylists. (and my own clients advice) I decided to venture off on my own and start my own business and here we are!

 Although we are still at the beginning stages of our adventure I am positive that once you've experienced our Grooming Services you won't be disappointed. With 10+ years in the industry you can trust me & my team with your fur babies. We treat every pet like our own!